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Registered Surveyor

Michael Connolly, the director of Western Survey, has more than a decade of experience in the surveying field. He is a fully qualified and registered land surveyor, personally working with every client to oversee every project.

Expert Registered Surveyor Services

Michael uses the latest surveying technology to produce accurate and workable plans to suit the specific requirements of each job. He is experienced across a diverse range of projects in varied areas of construction, mining and land developments.

Previous Projects Across Western NSW

Our previous projects include:

  • Boundary work – urban and rural
  • Identification and detail surveys
  • Subdivisions and easements
  • New builds and land developments
  • Bulk earthworks and stockpile surveys

Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves in transparency and honesty about our services. Please read through our most frequently asked questions and contact us if you would like more information about our surveying services.
Michael Connolly, Director of Western Survey — Surveyor Dubbo, NSW

As a commercial developer, what can a land survey tell me?

If you’re subdividing or planning to develop the land, you are essentially changing the land use and will need a planning permit. Having the land surveyed determines what is permitted to be built on the land according to zoning, environmental conditions and town planning codes.

Do you offer other services aside from surveying?

No, our focus is solely on our specialty – surveying. We are happy to arrange and work alongside other professionals and contractors providing slightly different services for the same project though.

What happens with the information from the surveyor?

The surveyor will draw up and lodge the plan, if required, with the appropriate government department. Once the boundaries are registered by the surveyor, all information for that land is then recorded with the land authority of that state.

What makes Western Survey unique?

Our services are specifically for planning, environmental, cadastral, development and construction projects for private, government, commercial and industrial sectors.

How does pricing work?

Since we work with both small and large clients, we tailor the pricing specifically for each project. Please contact us via phone or email to discuss the project and our rates. Once the scope and size of the project is determined we can provide a written quote.

What does it mean to be a Registered Surveyor in NSW?

A Registered Surveyor is someone who has undergone extensive training and experience in the surveying profession and has been awarded direct management responsibilities within the land boundary system.

To qualify as a Registered Surveyor, a qualified surveyor must complete additional work experience and examinations, as well as accredited by the NSW Board Of Surveying & Spatial Information (BOSSI). At Western Survey, we have been Registered Surveyors for Land in NSW since 2013.