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Construction Surveyor

As a registered surveyor, Michael, works diligently with construction companies and land developers to survey the land accurately and in an efficient manner. At Western Survey based in Dubbo, we understand how necessary it is to have accurate information for construction purposes.

Our Construction Surveyor Services

We provide surveys for a range of construction purposes including subdivisions, design, land developments, planning and much more. Our construction survey process includes:

  • Surveying existing and potential future conditions of your designated work site – from topography and elevations to surrounding building and relevant infrastructure.
  • Staking out reference points for guiding construction work
  • Verification of building locations during construction

Our construction surveys are often done in conjunction with land surveys and cadastral surveys, during which we work closely with relevant project stakeholders including architects, planners, and community groups.

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Subdivision Construction — Construction Surveyor Dubbo, NSW

What Do You Need A Construction Surveyor For?


Building, Road and Services

Both building surveys and road surveys are often necessary to ensure accuracy of construction to avoid legal disputes. We specialise in providing services for commercial buildings, road and all types of infrastructure in Dubbo and throughout Western NSW.

Work as Executed Surveys

Work as executed surveys - or as-built surveys - ensure the final construction is in line with the engineering and design plans. Although Work As Executed Certificates must be issued by a registered civil engineer, the actual survey must be carried out by a registered surveyor.

Monitoring & Deformation Surveys

Monitoring & deformation surveys are encouraged or even required for land developers and construction companies. If you need assistance with deformation surveying, give us a call today to find out how we can help.

Bulk Earthworks

Anytime soil is moved, added or removed for construction purposes, it is encouraged to have a land survey from a registered land surveyor. We specialise in bulk earthworks, and we have a skilled team to carry out the survey effectively and efficiently

Conformance Surveys

We also offer conformance surveys after the earthworks is finished. We are your source of surveying for all things construction, and we help throughout the entire process.


What are the benefits of a construction survey?
Pool Construction — Construction Surveyor Dubbo, NSW

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If you need surveying assistance for your construction efforts, then consult with us today. We can provide detailed written quotes once we’ve completed our initial conversation. We specialise in surveying plans based on the requirements of the project.