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Boundary Survey

Establish your land boundaries before building, with a professional cadastral survey. Overstepping the specified parameters can potentially subject you to costly development mistakes resulting in legal proceedings and modification requirements.

We specialise in cadastral or boundary surveying for developers and architects, providing signed and certified plans demonstrating the legal description of the land and boundaries.

Boundary Survey Services We Offer

We specialise in boundary surveying, but it's about more than establishing boundaries, we offer a wide variety of cadastral services.

Boundary surveying is often required in conjunction with land surveying and environmental surveying.
Building in a field being Surveyed — Boundary Survey Dubbo, NSW

What Do You Need Boundary Or Cadastral Surveying For?


Peg and Mark Boundaries

We peg and mark boundaries to establish the land area confinement. A boundary mark - otherwise referred to as a survey mark - is crucial prior to a new construction or renovation. Determine the true location of your boundaries to avoid future issues.

Identification Surveys

As registered surveyors, we are fully qualified to carry out required identification surveys. We work effectively and efficiently to determine the boundary of your location. Ensure any legal restrictions of an area of land are identified before undertaking potentially costly construction.

Urban and Rural Subdivisions

Before starting new construction or making modifications to existing structures for new subdivisions and urban developments, have the legal land area determined.

Community Subdivisions

Establishing boundaries for community subdivisions often requires professional help. We work with architects, engineers and land developers to determine the boundaries for community subdivisions.

Easement Surveys and Plans

Easement plans require surveying. Any time construction or use of land that you do not have full ownership of takes place, an easement survey is strongly encouraged. We help clients with easement surveying and planning.


What is a boundary identification survey?
Rural lot of land being surveyed — Boundary Survey Dubbo, NSW

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