Efficient surveying technologies

Surveying Equipment

Western Survey offers a wide range of surveying services utilising the latest in surveying technologies and techniques. With the advancement of surveying technologies throughout the decades, this has left many land surveyors using outdated methods that are inefficient and far less accurate.

At Western Survey we are equipped to bring your development together with the speed and accuracy required, using modern, high-quality equipment to ensure every job is complete efficiently and with extreme precision.

We Use the Latest in Surveying Technologies

At Western Survey, we pride ourselves in high-quality work, which includes using only the finest surveying technology and equipment available. From robotic total stations to multi-constellation GNSS setups, we have everything needed to do a quality surveying job efficiently for every client.
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Robotic Total Stations

Our robotic total stations deliver fast and accurate results for jobs requiring millimetre accuracy. This allows you to continue your work with the peace of mind that your development is millimetre correct.

Multi-constellation GNSS Setups

With larger-scale jobs, our multi-constellation GNSS setups will give you results with sub-centimetre precision, covering large areas without compromising on the quality of work. Every project is unique, and subsequently, the equipment we use may vary. To learn more about our equipment and detailed surveying process, reach out to us today.
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Why Choose Us?

We work with clients of all sizes, from development applications for a small location to detailed lettable area surveys for larger locations. You can trust that we will complete all of our work quickly and with precision. We understand the importance of accurate and fast surveying, and we work hard to help each one of our clients in any way possible, using high-quality equipment throughout the process.

Consult With Us

We love working with clients within the Dubbo and surrounding community. All it takes is one phone call or email, and we can start the process of satisfying your surveying needs. The owner, Michael, oversees every surveying project and works closely with each client to ensure the job is completed accurately and on time.
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