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Environmental Surveyor Dubbo

We provide planning and environmental surveying services for clients in Dubbo and throughout Western NSW. We use the latest technology and equipment to enable us to work efficiently and gather accurate data.

Our Environmental Surveyor Services

At Western Survey, we recognise that every client's surveying needs are different, and we tailor our environmental surveying service specifically for each client. The following are several of the more common planning and environmental services we provide.
Fence on rural property — Environmental Surveyor Dubbo, NSW

Development Applications

Development applications(DA) are required when planning to change the use of land, subdivide land, build or use as a worksite. We help with development applications by conducting in-depth and accurate surveying for land developers.

Detailed Surveys

Detailed surveys are most often necessary before any building or land development takes place. We have a team of surveying professionals, technology, equipment and expertise necessary to effectively and efficiently conduct detailed professional surveys.

Flood Level Surveys

It is encouraged, if not required, for land developers to obtain a flood level survey before they build or make any changes. If the property is not correctly developed to prevent any damage from occurring, potentially catastrophic flooding can be the result.

Well & Borehole Locations

If your development site contains a well or borehole, it is important to effectively manage it. We help clients with well and borehole management, providing accurate information, friendly services and affordable prices.

Vegetation & Tree Surveys

Environmentalists, botanists and other Earth sciences often require a vegetation and tree survey. At Western Survey, we are experienced with conducting appropriate and precise vegetation and tree surveys.
Construction Site — Environmental Surveyor Dubbo, NSW

Consult With Us

We love working with members of our own communit, and we have a dedicated team willing and able to help you with your planning and environmental surveying requirements. If interested in one or more of our services, reach out to us today to find out how we can help.